You’re at the sporting goods store. You pick up a shiny new club. You see the brand name and think, “Would this purchase improve my game?”. You notice the popular names such as TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist. How do you know which one is going the save your game higher?

If you have a bad swing, you can practice, but that will only go so far, especially if you are using cheap clubs. Any serious golfer needs a professional set of clubs that can enhance their performance by a margin of 200%. There’s a reason some sets cost $100, and others cost $1000.

TaylorMade consistently dominates the golfing market. Their newest iron release, the “M5,” changes the game. The M5 iron set is geared towards professionals. It is made for the best golfers.

TaylorMade Golf M5 Review

The M5 irons can improve your swing like nothing before! When you analyze that each millimeter of every club you own is going to have an impact on your performance, it makes sense to fixate on your irons. Each hole is a chance to beat your last score.

When you’re ready to stop being an amateur and start taking your game seriously, you realize the volatility of the game. You understand that you can control 90% of your game if you purchase the right equipment. The most important equipment to have in your artillery is your irons.

In short: Buy the best set you can afford. TaylorMade is a proven brand, and the M5 set is their newest release.

Things To Consider Before Buying M5

best irons for mid-handicappers TaylorMade Golf M5

TaylorMade made big claims about the ability of their M5 set. The M5 irons changed the game. This set is now an iconic release by TaylorMade. TaylorMade always competes with Callaway to dominate and be #1 in the golf equipment industry. Their newest technology: “Speed Injected Twist Face” expands their lineup and makes them easily compete with Callaway’s new “Epic Flash” technology.

The M5 set employs numerous weight tracks and speed slots that give it a shiny cutting-edge feel. The M5 irons were specifically designed to cater to the best golfers in the world.

Should you upgrade if you already bought one of TaylorMade’s sets? Yes – M5 set is superior to all previous releases. It elevates the distance to the highest levels in TaylorMade history and the accuracy saw drastic improvements. The M5’s can give you the little edge you need to push your shots further and aim better. The adjustments over the retired M3 are immense. Our team members had a great impression of the M5’s once we tested them out, but we’ll tell you whether or not you should rush to get the set (especially if you’re coming from older TaylorMade releases).

Here’s what you should know: The M-series was always at the cutting edge of the golfing industry. M-series by TaylorMade were always the highlights of annual TaylorMade product cycles, and the big upgrade here (compared to old models) is the new “TwistFace” technology by TaylorMade.

This is actually not new! The idea existed already as golfing manufacturers realized how to adjust the shape of the clubface in order to battle against the gear effect. Nonetheless, TaylorMade took existing ideas and exaggerated them to a maximum in order to maximize performance.

FACT #1: The Best Golfers In The World Use M5

What more do you want than to know that the best golfers in the world use this set? Yes, that includes Tiger Woods! If you had no idea about which clubs to use and you were put on the course for the first time, your performance would probably be 2 times better if you swung with TaylorMade M5’s instead of any other random set.

We’ve always been curious to learn what “modifications” the best golfers use to get their game to such a high level. We believe golfers instinctively know the pros don’t play with basic clubs. M5 launchers are as good as they get.

Tiger Woods is not the only golfer rocking new TaylorMade launchers. His historic victories were mostly made on TaylorMade clubs. Other exceptional players such as Dustin Johnson are now competing for TaylorMade.

The high-end clubs such as the M5’s give them an edge in terms of distance. Dustin Johnson had what seemed to be an unbeatable shot back in 2017, and at the time, he was using an M1 by TaylorMade. Think about the upgrades in product cycles to this date! Consider the M5 set has been replaced by 4 updates compared to Dustin’s epic streak. Imagine the advantage you’re getting if you buy an M5 set now.

FACT #2: The Fastest (Legal) Clubfaces In The World

You won’t find any faster club faces (of course, legally!). The USGA imposes limits as to how “fast” a club can swing legally. The speed is calculated based on how fast the clubface retracts and rebounds once you make the hit and the little white ball shoots out. It’s very hard to notice the difference with a naked eye, but it’s safe to say every manufacturer in the world is trying to come close to that legal limit without crossing it. It’s obvious that Tiger’s clubs hit the legal limit – why not yours?

Why would you settle for inferior clubs when you can play with the fastest clubs in the world? We must note, though, no two irons in the world will have the same identical speed (after they’ve been taken off the assembly line). If all of us purchased the same driver, none of them would have identical speeds (the difference would be minuscule, though). However, when you account that millimeters in golfing make a world of difference, you really should get the fastest possible. The M5 iron set is truly the fastest you’ll get. TaylorMade made sure of it.

What about those “red” holes on the face? M5 irons are so powerful that they go over the legal limit! They don’t technically break the law because those red holes (with injected resin) come down and slow the speed down right below that legal limit. TaylorMade calls this technology, “Speed Injection.” In essence, each M5 set is powerful enough to go over the legal speed limit, but the “Speed Injection” system makes the clubface hit at the maximum limit allowed. This way, you can achieve the highest speeds and still fall within USGA regulations.

How Do They Match Up Next To The M3?

The M5 and M3 both have the same speeds, but the M5 set is better (and slightly more expensive!). You’ll find the same two small holes at the bottom ends where the resin is injected that boosts the stiffness on the face and controls the speed. This places additional speed on the center strikes (and increases speeds on a miss-hit). The M5 irons allow you to adjust the bottom weight while the M3 doesn’t have adjustability options to change the weight and costs slightly less because of that.


The TaylorMade M5 set provides the fastest legal speeds, and it’s used by the biggest names in golfing like Tiger Woods. What can this do for us, average golfers? It gives us confidence! The #1 most important thing we can have is confidence on the course, which is almost as important as skill. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need confidence way more than you’ll need skills.

The only way to be confident is to know you’re using the best and that you’re not missing out on the best equipment. Once you have the reassurance that you’re using the best equipment in the world, you will exceed your performance and try your best on the course. TaylorMade engineers went above and beyond to make the M5 irons the “set of the future.” Moreover, the sound of the M5 is fantastic – it’s not too loud and not too quiet. In short: If you can afford it, go for it!