When the addiction of golf hits, many of us are willing to do anything to get better. The information we can obtain about our golf swing is vital in helping us correct and fix the issues with our golf swing.  Fortunately, Golf launch monitors are now affordable enough that all nearly all golfers can afford, and utilize the technology to perfect their swing.

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The more information we know about our golf game, the bigger the opportunity to improve and start shooting lower scores. Golf launch monitors can provide valuable information such as swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, ball flight, spin, and much more. While knowing all of this information is not necessary to enjoy the game of golf, it is helpful if we are working on specific areas of our game.  Working on one aspect of your game like improving your swing speed, can provide instant results and help increase the distance you hit the ball off of the tee.

Golf launch monitors have exploded in popularity in 2020 due to the Coronavirus and many of us being quarantined at home. Creative golfers have found ways to turn sections of their basement, bedroom, and garages into personalized hitting bays. Using a portable launch monitor during those practice sessions can provide you with invaluable information to help you improve your game quickly.

We took the time to thoroughly investigate several launch monitors over the last few weeks, and have six affordable ones to choose from. There are some obvious advantages for some, and some are ideal for certain swing flaws.  If you are ready to buy a launch monitor and want to skip through the research, here are three of our top choices for you to check out.

Best Golf Launch Monitors in 2020

Garmin Approach G80

Garmin Approach G80
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It is a classic combination of both the radar and the golf launch monitor. While in reviews of this technological achievement, it is evident that this was never meant for the indoor practice sessions but, to be used in the outdoor course sessions. It is because it tracks clubhead speed, the estimated distance, smash factor, swing tempo, and ball speed.

The GPS that allows you to track your distance will enable you to have accurate and precise results for more than 41,000 courses all over the world. Also, it allows you to have the entire view of the hole, which gives you the advantage of seeing the locations of bunkers and water hazards.

It has a convenient lanyard carabiner with which the device attaches itself and can carry around during the course sessions, making it easier for mobility. It also has a mount with which it attaches itself as well as a small charger to secure the possibilities and guarantee that your kit is fully charged on the course. If you are looking for a rangefinder and launch monitor, Garmin Approach G80 is the best approach for you.

The PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor

PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor
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The PRGR can be termed as a “mid-range” monitor for launching that shows precise scores made by the use of a Doppler Radar, which includes your speed of launching, the ball speed, the total silence, and the smash factor. The PRGR is quite an ideal alternative for golfers who want to maintain a small budget but at the same time, do not want to go for “low-end” devices (because they are inaccurate). With each hit, you will be able to tell how far the ball went.

Most launch monitors can either be too big (which affects their portability) or expensive, making them unworthy for beginner golfers, which in turn sends them the way of cheaper options. The PRGR is neither expensive and nor cheap: It is accurate with data provision, and quite portable. It is quite simple — you place it on the ground and then swing the iron or wood. Immediately, it will show your speed of swinging and any other vital information.

What happens if you forget it by accident? This appliance is “smart,” and it will shut off automatically, saving your batteries. Better yet, the PRGR works even for left-handed people too. Most types of launch monitors are usually optimized to serve right-handed people conveniently. The device will save your latest 500 swings, and it only weighs 4.4 ounces (less than the weight of an average phone).

The PRGR is a total life-saver if at all you are tired of working with bulky motors weighing a lot. In the package, you will get batteries, an instruction manual, and a pouch for easy carrying when on the course. Have any more children playing other sports? The PRGR is also ideal for measuring baseball swing, tennis, and even a soccer game.

PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor is acceptable, but we believe that the FlightScope Mevo and Rapsodo golf launch and more suitable options.

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus
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This is Voice Caddie’s newest product, which can talk and give you the best accurate results. It works like a charm, and it feels like a person is talking to you and giving you accurate information about your swing. After the hit, it gives an audible sound that tells you exactly how far you hit the ball.

The most amazing part of this golf monitor is that it can even give you the accurate results of how far you have carried the ball as in without hitting the ball in the first place. This launch monitor is cost-effective for even starters as well as pro golfers.

The only drawback of this golf monitor is that it gives you everything you need but, not the valuable spin-rate measurements as Trackman and FlightScope can provide. On the contrary, it does give you the Doppler radar, like the FlightScope, since its size is as same as the iPhone 6.

It does not need a phone with whom it needs pairing and work with, unlike the other devices. It only requires 4 AAA batteries and remote control for it to work properly.
As far as its readings, it gives you accurate results about total distance, clubhead speed, total distance, and many others that make both the game and practice sessions exciting and useful.

This portable launch monitor cannot track the launch angle but does give you the total distance and carriage speed of the ball.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors
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In our section for golf training reviews, we did review the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, and there is still a lot of love for the digital caddie. It differs from the traditional gold launch monitors which you place right on the ground to the side or behind you. The lunch monitors are usually linked with every club you have in your bag.

If I share with you my thoughts about it in a few sentences about this device, I would argue that when you are aware of the distance, you will hit every club in your bag, then you will shot lower scores. When you remove the state of indecision and reach for your club confidently, you will swing better.

That said, is there a better way to tell how far you have hit each ball than through reviewing every shot on your phone when the round is over?

The launch monitors will aid you in working on that control, but what does one do when the high-tech launch monitors cost much more than you can afford? This is the instance you seek alternatives such as Arccos caddie sensors. Usually, the sensors will be attached on the end sides where you grip your clubs.

The sensors are connected to the mobile by the Arccos caddie system. The sensors read the details when you swing, and the distance is calculated by the app, which also records the information depending on the club you are using. The app can then guide you on choosing your clubs and how to improve your game.

A complete system is composed of 14 sensors which have batteries built to last up to five years or even exceed. Your success on the golf course can be brought about by the ability of the system to provide reliable data concerning your distances.

Today, the Cobra Connect clubs for golf come with built-in Arccos caddie systems. One of the reasons I tried it is the partnership between a top golf manufacturer and the Arccos.

FlightScope Mevo

Flight Scope Mevo
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FlightScope Mevo is a kind of portable personal golf launch monitor. If someone is looking for a portable golf launch monitor that is compact and affordable, the Mevo is the best choice.

It is a portable launch monitor that pairs itself with your cell phone, giving accurate measurements of club speed, smashes factor, spin rate and many other things.

It is an all-purpose launch monitor that helps you in the improvisation of your golf game. The Mevo pairs with the app on your smartphone to support the capture of data and video on your phone.

It is better because it can help you record the data and have a comparison with the previous data available on your smartphone. It helps you in tracking several things such as smash factor, launch angles (vertical), clubhead speed, carry distance, and ball speed.
FlightScope Mevo has one fun feature, which is that if you record your swing with your phone, it helps and links the video with the data from Mevo. It is suitable for those who want to share the information with their coaches.

Mevo is an application designed for golf, can also be used for other sports as in for soccer games as well as baseball.

It is available on the market not only for professionals but for those who love sports and can benefit from the advantages of Mevo.

And The Best Golf Launch Monitor for Golf Is…

FlightScope Mevo

The FlighScope Mevo was our favorite because it is extremely portable, weighs next to nothing, and provided us with the biggest improvement to our game of all of the devices. If not for the restriction of only working on an IOS device, the Rapsodo would have topped our charts. Many golfers spend time practicing on their game, but practice inefficiently. When you can practice by hitting fairway woods, or work on your short game and wedges, hit your driver, and do this with instant feedback…..that is a winner.

The FlightScope Mevo is a portable golf monitor that you can use on the driving range, in a golf training studio, on the course, or hitting into a golf net in your basement or garage. It is a training aid and launch monitor wrapped into a tiny little package. Definitely worth the money and a golf launch monitor your friends will be begging you to use.

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If you are looking for more of an in-house driving range, you may want to consider a golf simulator. These simulators can be a bit pricey, but they are well designed, realistic, and you do not need to go outside as you can play year round in your basement, garage, or anywhere else you can find the space.

Personal Golf Monitors

Accuracy and Convenience are a must thing that every person needs and want nowadays. People go for accurate results, no matter what the price is. To have the best results in your golf game, accuracy and convenient features are a must thing because it helps you win the game. Hence, if you do not want to win and go and swing the ball around every club. You may go for a simple yet “dead on balls accurate” mechanism with distances.

But, if you are looking forward towards winning and making a change for yourself, you may go for many other devices and products that purely depicts the accurate and convenient mechanisms of monitoring devices that not only help you go and win the game but also make you a pro in that game.

Pro golfers and club hitters know today that FlightScope and Trackman are the ones that give you the best accurate results of your golf game. Why is that? It is because they provide you with the latest technology that provides you with the accurate and best results of ball flights, ball speed, swing accuracy, and overall distances, etc., the most amazing thing is that it goes for both the backspins and sidespins.

But, these golf monitors are expensive amongst all the other commercial and personal golf monitors, ranging in from $20,000 to whatever it can be, but, they are not the most affordable option that is available in the market today. Even though paying this massive amount of money, there is still the annual cost as well as the setup fees excluded from this range, making it harder for the starters but comfortable and convenient for pro golfers but still, they think for instance to why just waste this massive amount of money and not get the result as we wall want to have in the first place? Well, let us not hope that it will not be the accuracy and convenient results these golf monitors provide.

Where the technology continues to evolve, these questions will have the proper answers that will eliminate the risk factors from it, and people will buy these golf monitors, not only because of the accurate results but of the cheaper price and extraordinary features that will provide the demand of this golf monitor.

It does not matter which golf launch monitor you are going to choose, what matters is what it gives you, does it give you the accuracy and the warranty of the product as in case of technological failure? All the answers are available here, in this article where we are going to give you a brief introduction to the best golf launch monitors.