Golf is not a gender-specific game. Just like all other games, women play side by side with men. Many people still consider golf a men’s game, though our women have proven them wrong by being some phenomenal golf players. When it comes to golf irons, there are differences in the golf irons for men and women. Both of them have their specifications and are uniquely suitable for the gender they are designed.

If you are a woman looking for the best golf irons, we are here to help you. In this review, we will help you understand what the specifications of the golf irons that matter most. After that, we will help you select your golf iron by ranking the golf irons that we reviewed to be the best ones, in our opinion. Let’s start!

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Golf Iron for Women is, we recommend the TaylorMade SIM MAX and review it first.

When it comes to the top picks, we have made sure that nothing but the best comes up and ranks in this list.

Best Golf Irons for Women – 2021 Review

TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Women’s Irons

Best overall

On top of the list, we will place the TaylorMade golf product. They have earned a name in the world of golf for their amazing products. Not only do they have the best blade irons, forged irons, and golf putters for men, but they also have the best golf irons for women. This specific model of the blade iron model is a set specifically designed for right-handed females.

It has a flex, particularly ideal for females, and it comes in different configurations such as 4 – PW, AW, 5 PW, SW, and many more. The shaft of this blade iron is made up of steel, making it a bit heavy and not ideal for beginner level women. The golf club loft is 1 degree.

It has a very attractive color combination of blue, black, and titanium. The revolutionary Speed Bridge technology helps to achieve the explosive distance and the speed of the ball. That accompanied with the improved sound and feel makes this golf iron the best. It also has an echo damping technology that absorbs unwanted and harsh vibrations, which might cause discomfort to players. This design has a thinner face, which gives the ball more speed when the shot is played.

Along with all these features, the golf iron is engineered to have progressive inverted cone technology. How is that significant? It is significant because that is the secret to the high accuracy of the golf iron!


  • It has a variety of configurations
  • It has echo damping technology
  • The progressive inverted cone helps increase the accuracy of the shot
  • The steel shaft helps the player have more control
  • The color combination is very attractive
  • The revolutionary speed bridge technology helps achieve the fastest speeds of the ball


  • There is no left-hand orientation model
  • The steel might be very heavy for beginner level female golfers.

Cobra F Max Airspeed Women’s Irons

Best for High Handicapper/Beginner

Cobra is known for making forgiving golf irons, but do they really have the distance women players need? In years past, this question may have been debatable; however, the new Cobra Women’s Airspeed can certainly compete when it comes to distance on the golf course.

Many golf manufacturing companies will focus on golf clubs with a lighter club head; Cobra took things a step further. This is a lightweight design that has a light shaft, club head, and even a lighter grip. Lower swing speed golfers need this extra lightweight club to get better distance and feel as well.

When you look down at the Airspeed Women’s Irons, you will see a very classic looking design. In fact, the slightly thicker sole and mild offset will give women golfers the confidence they need with an iron in their hand. The Cobra F Max Airspeed Women’s Irons are not going to be offered in long irons. Since this is a game-improvement set, the idea would be to switch to hybrids as a replacement for the long irons.

Last but certainly not least, the Cobra F Max Airspeed irons are a progressive design. This means that the wedges and short irons will look a bit thinner than the 7 and 6 irons. This helps golfers to get higher launch and more control out of difficult lies as well. If you want distance and accuracy out of any lie, the F Max Airspeed is a great golf club to consider.


  • Lightweight and forgiving design
  • Increased ball speeds
  • One of the best Cobra Women’s irons for distance and speed
  • Confidence inducing look and design
  • Progressive iron set
  • Low center of gravity


  • The feel is not as good as something like the XXIO
  • Too lightweight for a very strong female golfer

2020 XXIO Women Eleven Iron Set

Best Feel

The brand new XXIO women’s golf irons are an impressive addition to the lineup this year. The XXIO name has not always been the most well known, but it is growing in popularity. If you aim to increase your accuracy and distance, these game improvement irons have what you need.

One of the things that stands out right off the bat is that the XXIO irons are extremely lightweight. Women golfers with slower swing speeds will find that they can increase their driving distance with XXIO clubs in their hands. The club head itself is a double undercut cavity. This lowers the center of gravity and increases ball speed and distance.

The XXIO irons have a rubber weight in the butt end of the iron. This is a unique approach to help balance out the iron’s weight and help improve a golfer’s tempo. This weighting technology is new to the market, and it truly does make the overall golf swing feel much easier.

If you are looking to try out new golf club manufacturing companies and branch out from the norm, the XXIO is a great choice to consider. The ball speeds and forgiveness that you get from these high performing women’s irons will have quite an impact on your game.


  • Constructed with premium materials
  • Has better feel that traditional game improvement irons
  • New and improved weighting to help with tempo
  • Low center of gravity
  • Higher ball flight and launch


  • Too lightweight for faster swinging players
  • The price for the irons is usually quite a bit higher than other options on the market

Cleveland Women Launcher HB Turbo Irons

Next on the list is the Cleveland Women Launcher HB Turbo Iron! Many features are mainly the interest of women. The shaft is made up of graphite. This makes it best for female golf players to get their practice done and learn how to play golf. The light weight will let the golfer get comfortable with golf and not get tired of it too soon. It has a right-hand orientation. The golf club loft is zero degrees, and the flex is particularly for females.

This golf iron gives the ball a higher trajectory and a longer distance with accuracy. It has a high strength steel face that is hotter and thinner so that it delivers the fastest speedballs with explosive distance.

The feature of fully hollow construction accompanied by stabilizing ribs makes sure to provide the ultimate forgiveness.

The HiBore crown features deep and low weighting, which helps produce the ball’s easy hitting, which is followed by a high flight of the ball. This discussion summarizes that these golf irons deliver the balls’ fast speed with a higher trajectory along with a smooth flight seamlessly, and it has high forgiveness.


  • The shaft is made up of graphite, which makes it light and ideal for women
  • It makes sure that the flight of the ball is high and is uninterrupted because of low flight and hitting the ground and stopping
  • It is specialized to deliver the explosive distance to the ball
  • The hollow construction with structural ribs to support it is a unique design and has many benefits


  • It comes in only right-handed orientation
  • For the golfers who like to play their shots low, this might not be the desired golf iron.

Callaway Golf Women’s Mavrik Max


Like TaylorMade golf, Callaway is renowned for their perfect and near-ideal products for golf players. The Callaway Golf Company has not forgotten its female golfers. They have made sure that they invest their time designing the ideal golf irons for the women playing golf and making sure they enjoy the game of golf to the fullest.

This particular model is an individual iron that comes in both the right and left-hand orientation. And since it is made for females, the flex is also made for females. It also comes in the women’s ultra-light. Besides this, the shaft has two options from which one can select which one they prefer. One is Graphite, and the other is Graphite Lite. There are various configurations of this golf iron, such as 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, AW, PW, and SW. The golf club loft is 31.5 degrees.

This golf iron has many features that help it have an incredible ball speed. It is one of the first times that a company uses artificial intelligence in a golf iron, which helps boost its speed and spin and ultimately increase its performance by many folds. It has custom tungsten infused in the golf iron weight that helps locate the position of CG with extraordinary precision. It promotes an optimum launch and flight for every shot.


  • It has right and left-hand orientations
  • It has a light shaft made up of graphite
  • It has a variety of configurations
  • The ball can attain high speed
  • This golf iron promotes the optimum launch and flight


  • You need to take extra care while handling the graphite shaft, or it will get damaged.

Callaway Big Bertha 2019

Callaway Golf has been winning female golfers’ hearts for making the extraordinary golf irons specifically for females. One step they took that increased their popularity among the female golfers is the announcement and release of the Big Bertha 2019.

This golf iron is available in the right and left both hand orientation. And it has many configurations 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, AW, PW, SW. Along with the variety of configurations, they also come with flex variation; they have regular, stiff, ladies, and light flex.

There are different types of steel and graphite KBS Max 90 Steel Shaft, UST Recoil ESX 460 F2 60g Graphite Shaft, UST Recoil ZT9 460 F3 60g Graphite Shaft, UST Recoil ZT9 470 F4 70g Graphite Shaft that is used in the making of the shaft. For example, UST Recoil ESX 450 F1 50g Graphite Shaft.

The unique suspended energy core construction is one kind of construction that has revolutionized the core design and is intended to deliver an incredible feel and sound, explosive and consistent distance, and easy launch.

The jailbreak technology is used to make his golf iron, which consists of two internal bars that stiffen the whole body and make sure that the impact is more on the face, which promotes the ball’s speed and a longer distance.

An entirely new hosel system was developed by combining the jailbreak and adjustability that is lighter and shorter. This technology helps us save the weight repositioned to optimize the center of gravity and thus give the ball a comfortable and high launch along with a long-carrying height.


  • The shaft has different construction materials; both the options of graphite and steel are available from which you can choose.
  • The jailbreak and adjustability have been combined to make a new design
  • It has both the hand orientation: right and left
  • It has many types of flex
  • A variety of configurations are available for you to choose from


  • It is a bit pricey

Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch HL3 Irons

We now present the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch to you. It has many features that make it very attractive to female golf players. It is ideal for both right-handed people and left-handed people. It comes with an option to choose between a steel shaft and a graphite shaft. Women can choose according to their comfortability and their skills.

The golf club flex offered is for ladies, regular, stiff, and senior. It has various options for the golf club loft: 18 degrees, 20 degrees, 23 degrees, 26 degrees, 29 degrees, 32 degrees, 40 degrees, 44 degrees, 49 degrees, 54 degrees, and 59 degrees. You can choose among these options according to your requirement.

The color of this golf iron is black and a hint of yellow. Some of the prominent features of these golf irons are that they have a heavy sole, the weight positions more below, and helps get a high-flying ball after every shot. The super-thin forged face helps make the golfer very comfortable with the golf iron and will play more consistent shots.

The Steel body is hollow. This helps deliver every shot powerfully and helps increase the accuracy of every shot. The progressive sole width, offset, and topline I designed very seamlessly so that every club used with this golf iron is a perfect match and helps the player hit the shot to achieve the desired speed and distance. The CG-position is lowered to make sure the ball launches high upon hitting it with this golf iron.


  • It gives an option to choose between various lofts that are not usually offered by many golf irons.
  • It has a design optimized to deliver the best shots
  • The golf iron face is forged, which makes the golfer more comfortable


  • Although some people would like the hint of yellow on this golf iron, it might ruin the whole look of this golf iron to others.

TaylorMade M6 Women’s Golf Irons

Best Value

With the TaylorMade SIM Max taking over the women’s golf iron market, some golfers have forgotten about the high performing women’s M6 irons from Taylormade. If you are a player that lacks club head speed, this iron is a great choice to consider. The TaylorMade M6 iron will help golfers to increase swing speed, ball speed, and improve accuracy. Some of the M6 technology is highly advanced and was used to create the SIM Max irons.

The SpeedBridge technology for women golfers is a step up from the previous Speed Pocket design. Essentially you will have a much easier job moving this club through the air. The face on the TaylorMade M6 is very thin and allows players a high MOI at impact. Overall this is an iron built for distance and speed.

The new HYBRAR Compression damper will reduce the vibration that a golfer feels at impact. This is what many women golfers would refer to as feel. The M6 irons certainly have a better feel than previous releases from the TaylorMade brand. Potentially one of our favorite improvements in the TaylorMade M6 is that it comes at a great value. If the SIM Max is a bit out of your price range, the M6 gives you great technology for a very fair price.


  • Very high ball speed
  • High launching irons
  • Great for those that lack distance but still want a good feel
  • Very thin clubface makes for a clean and high-speed hit
  • Good choice even for slower swing speeds
  • Large sweet spot


  • The new SIM Max are longer distance
  • Can be a bit hard to control the launch angle
  • The top-down look is thicker than other choices on the market


Our Top Pick – Taylor Made SIM MAX

Women may sometimes find it very hard to find an ideal golf iron that they like in terms of design, shape, orientation, and features. We noticed this and made this full guide for you. This guide will help you understand the purpose and function of every feature in the golf iron. You can choose which feature will suit you best according to the type of golf player you are, whether you are a slow swinger or a fast winger, whether you are a tall woman or a short-heightened woman. Some of the best golf irons are suggested for you. If you ask for my personal opinion, my top choice is the TaylorMade SIM MAX. For all of the reasons listed!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Golf Irons for Women

Weight of the Irons:

Weight has a lot to do with the precision and accuracy of the golf shot. One needs to find a golf iron with perfect weight. When playing a shot with a light weighted golf iron, the player will not have maximum control of the stroke and the shot. On the other hand, if the golf iron weight is too heavy, the player will have ultimate control over the shot. Still, the issue will be that the player will get tired of lifting the heavyweight and eventually will not hit the ball perfectly as their arms will not have enough strength.

If one can’t buy the light one and buy the heavy one, what should a woman do? She should find herself a golf iron of moderate weight so that she has enough control, yet she won’t get tired of lifting the golf iron weight soon.

Length of Iron:

When it comes to length, it is a general observation that women are relatively shorter hitters than men. For this reason, we say that women would need a shorter length of golf iron as compared to men. This observation is not universal, though. There are many tall heightened women. There are many golf irons for taller women that they can purchase. Our point is that one must search for the best golf iron according to their height, as it plays a massive role in the shot accuracy and precision.

Shaft Material:

One of the things that women should keep in mind while getting themselves a golf iron durability. The durability of golf iron is dependent on the material of construction of the shaft. Usually, the materials that make an excellent shaft are steel and graphite. One can ask why durability is essential? The answer is, when an item is durable, it can perform its function to the fullest for a long time. But if it isn’t durable, it will lose its functionality soon and will not deliver the best performance. You will eventually have to replace it with another one. There are different benefits of having the shaft made of a different material. Some of the materials for shafts and their benefits, along with their drawbacks, are mentioned below:


Steel is one of the heaviest metals of construction that is used to make shafts. They are highly durable if taken proper care of. This one will be ideal for expert golf players as it delivers the shot with maximum accuracy. The drawback of this is that since it is very heavy, it might not be suitable for women, beginner level golf players, and seniors. Another issue with steel shafts is that it doesn’t absorb any vibrations. So if a shot is hit poorly, the unpleasant vibrations will make the golf player uncomfortable.


It is very lightweight and flexible, which makes it perfect for beginners to use during practice. It is also very suitable for women. Usually, it is the recommended shaft material for women’s golf. It can deliver a perfect shot for the slow swingers as the flex adds the extra speed and distance to the ball. The issue with graphite is that although it is durable, it still needs more care than the steel shaft and might be possible. It requires more frequent replacement as compared to steel and titanium.


It is a high-quality golf shaft ideal for advanced level golfers with a weight range between steel and graphite. It doesn’t absorb any vibrations. The advanced level golfers like this feature in the shaft because it enables them to get more feedback on the shot. They are experienced enough to identify and correct the mistakes in their swing using this feedback. The problem with the material of the shaft is that it is a bit pricey. It also has the loudest impact. It is incredibly challenging to play with this shaft and hit correctly by the beginners, the high handicappers, and seniors.

Shaft Flex:

It is better for golfers that have a slower swing to get themselves a golf iron with a shaft designed to flex. This will help achieve a more powerful collision and add further distance to the ball launched in the air. Generally, golf irons for women are made up of graphite, which makes the shaft light, and it also readily flexes when you swing it for playing a shot.

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