Want to play a golf ball which will lead to serious distance? It’s crucial to do some testing. Most amateurs and pros test different golf balls to improve their game. Balls have been designed for different purposes.

There are those that are meant to improve performance, accuracy and distance around the greens. In this post, you are going to learn some excellent options to help you select a golf ball that will increase your distance.

Best Distance Golf Balls for 2021

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

  • When you hit it well, it feels like it stays longer in the air.
  • Has polymer material for distance and is also accuracy and control.
  • You will get some colors like yellow, green and red to be more costly, but their performance is just the same as any other color like white.
  • Has a proprietary dimple design to reduce effects of slices and give excellent aerodynamics.
  • Comes at affordable price.

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

  • This golf ball is very soft and has a unique distance.
  • You can get in a variety of colors like pink, red, green, orange, white and yellow. It’s therefore great for visibility.
  • Jumps off the club face and it’s also low compression.
  • Very light and soft for less control and great distance.
  • Comes at a pocket friendly price. You will pay less compared to half-end balls.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

  • Lightweight since it’s designed for distance and height.
  • Improves the game of high and mid handicappers
  • Has an aerodynamic dimple pattern that spreads the flight of the ball with low drag and spin.
  • It’s a 2-piece ball and has Iothane cover.
  • Costs half of what other golf ball costs

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball – Most Economical

  • Long-lasting balls that have cut proof cover.
  • Inexpensive as 15 packs of these balls costs less compared to 12 packs of other models.
  • Can go higher and further with uniform dimples. The white golf balls tend to be cheaper than the test but have the same performance.
  • You can get it in pink, yellow, white and orange.
  • Designed for total distance other than control.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

  • It’s lighter compared to other distance golf balls.
  • High quality golf ball from a reputable brand.
  • You’ll get it in white and yellow at the same price.
  • You may need to have greater expertise to control the long drives.

Kaede Max 2 Tone Colored Distance Golf balls

  • This is the most innovative golf ball.
  • Has a large core and medium weight.
  • Has a new luxury design and innovative dimples from special distance.
  • Each pack comes with blue and red balls for better visibility.
  • This is a medium weight golf ball with a large core.
  • Has a unique dimple design from Japan.
  • Each pack comes with blue and red balls for visibility.
  • Patent pending wool coating.
  • Quite expensive compared to other golf balls inclusive of the ProV’s..

Titleist Pro V1x Generation Golf Balls

  • Quite versatile, high quality and high price too.
  • Great distance and high flight.
  • Comes in a spherical dimple design.
  • Designed for short and long games.
  • Best for lower handicap golfers.
  • Amazing name you can have confidence in golf balls.

Callaway Superhot ’18 Golf Ball

  • This is an amazing golf ball for distance due to it being lightweight. However, you may not get a lot of control over it but be assured to get a suitable distance. This one needs an expert touch.
  • Comes in color options like orange, red, green, white and yellow. Orange tends to have a medium price.
  • Has a firm three-core system. With its hexagon design, it can stay in the air longer and offers more accuracy and spin on shorter shots.

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

  • Not meant specifically for distance but is more versatile.
  • Has an exceptional dimple pattern to add lift and reduce drag. It’s designed for an added spin on shots that are shorter.
  • Has a softer inner core with a gradient that increases in thickness outwards.
  • Designed with a urethane cover that prevents them from getting too stiff. It also offsets their light weight.

 Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Balls

  • Enjoy more spin without too much drag. Unlike other models which are meant to reduce spin, Callaway Diablo golf balls are designed to improve accuracy and distance with short clubs.
  • The core is created to be more firm on the edge and soft as you approach the center, which encourages more spin control.
  • Less expensive. However, it’s slightly less affordable compared to other existing cheap models.
  • Has an exceptional hexagonal dimple pattern. This design lessens drag as it produces more spin.

Which is the Best Golf Ball for Distance in 2021?

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf BallsThe Bridgestone E6 is the best golf ball for distance as it has all the qualities of an accurate and long shot. Even though these golf balls might have the second-highest weight value, they have an amazing dimple design. With this combination, be sure to get the best accuracy that is important for a long distance shot.

This golf ball can as well jump off the club face and stay in the air longer thanks to its “patented Delta”. The “patented Delta Wing Dimple Pattern” is an important element that was designed to help you experience less drag on the golf ball when in flight.

Your distance is going to improve due to the aerodynamics of this golf ball and also help you have a better straight distance.

This is a golf ball that shows ease of use, performance and economy. It’s high time to get a dozen of these golf balls and enjoy the experience.


Almost Our Top Choice

We also liked the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 golf balls due to their tour-caliber urethane cover. They are also very light which gives you a better golfing experience.

Due to the design, these balls can go a great distance but their accuracy is not the best. That’s why we didn’t choose it as the winner.

We also enjoyed playing the Kaede Max 2 Tones tie as they have an excellent coolness factor. While these golf balls don’t have the best weight for an average player, their materials are high quality.

These golf balls fall in the second category due to their higher price. They also have an amazing proprietary dimple pattern and wool exterior. However, most people wouldn’t want to spend money on them because they are slightly higher in price.

To get the best golf ball for distance, you need to keep two factors in mind. These are control and distance. Remember, there are golf balls designed to increase distance with your driver while others are manufactured to maximize distance with shorter clubs.

You can choose the best golf ball depending on how your ball comes off the club face and also your skill level. We chose golf balls depending on handicap between 12 and 20 and also based on medium skill level golfers.

Should we need an option that goes the farthest without considering accuracy, we would either choose the Callaway Superhot ‘18s and the Srixon Q-Star2s.. They are the best on matters carrying distance but their accuracy might not be on point.

Do Hard or Soft Balls go Farther?

While weight is a great factor to consider when looking for a golf ball for distance, you also need to look at the actual core. The reason why soft balls go farther is due to their elasticity. These balls can as well resist a little force on impact. Heavier golf balls like the Bridgestone Golf e12s and the Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generations utilize a three-part core system.

When a golf ball is larger, it tends to be heavier. You can maintain some softness without compromising accuracy by increasing the thickness at the center and making it softer. This will make them go farther than a super-light golf ball. However, your chances for landing the green will be higher. This means that soft balls go further. Doing this can also increase spin and balls like TaylorMade Distance plus are manufactured to correct that.

On shorter shots, models like Callaway Superhot ‘18s will maximize the drag. For this reason, what matters is the kind of shot you will be taking. It’s important to test both the hard and soft golf ball on the green and compare them to find out the difference.

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