Golf is a difficult game to master. If you can get it right, though, it can set you up for life. On the one hand you get an enjoyable outdoor hobby, and on the other a handy networking channel.

To improve your game, you need every advantage you can get. One such advantage is a golf rangefinder. A cursory glance may lead you to believe golf rangefinders cost hundreds of dollars. This may leave you asking:

How do I find the best cheap golf rangefinders? The good news is that we’ve reviewed 7 of the most promising cheap golf rangefinders to help you make the right choice.

Affordable Rangefinder Reviews

TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder
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The TecTecTec comes in a selection of three different colors, and offers up to 600 yards total range (a reasonable distance for the affordable price). I thought the multi-scan function was handy, but locking onto the pin wasn’t the easiest task, and it doesn’t read slopes.

It looks the part, but it’s sensitive to the slightest hand movement, which can throw it off. If you have steady surgeon’s hands, then it’s good value, and I could use it even with my glasses on.

I’m a regular golfer, and I need a rangefinder that’s fast. This one is fine for a leisurely round where there’s no one behind you on the course. The scan is a bit slow for someone like me who has to stay ahead of the other members.


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price tag – perfect for the keen golfer on a budget
  • 2-year guarantee available
  • Different colors available


  • Doesn’t read slopes
  • Oversensitive and sometimes takes too long to lock on to target

Anyork 6X Golf Rangefinder

Anyork 6X Golf Rangefinder
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The Anyork 6X has an impressive 1,500-yard range, a world-beating feat, enough to scope out the record-breaking 964-yard par 7 seventh hole at Satsuki GC in Japan. Actually, for locking the flag, it’s most effective from 300 yards — still great for a value rangefinder.

This one would suit any level of golfer. It’s incredibly easy to use, reads slopes like a dream, and has nice leather-feel holders for a comfortable grip. I tried it on several rounds and found it indispensable. I even took it to a competition where it was simple to switch between training mode and tournament-legal mode.

This one will do everything you need and more.


  • Great battery life (I’m still using the first battery that came with it, and there’s one spare)
  • Suitable for beginners and pros
  • World-beating range
  • Can use with glasses


  • No USB charge available – disappointing
  • Batteries last well, but a bit low-tech

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder
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The Bozily offers a great product to those golfers willing to fork out just a little more cash. This one has a very powerful zoom and magnification function that makes locking onto the flag easier. It also is solidly built; it feels sturdy and stable in your hand as you use it.

Probably the best thing about this one is that it can be charged with a USB cable. That means you can keep it charged on your golf cart, in your car, or effortlessly at home each day. You needn’t ever worry about batteries suddenly dying or having to carry spares.

One drawback is that it’s not the easiest to use. This one isn’t for first-time rangefinder users.


  • No separate batteries required
  • Strong magnification makes for easy flag locking
  • High maximum range of 1,200 yards


  • I had to charge it up more often than I’d like
  • Took more time to master the controls — not for first-time users

Gogogo Sport Laser

Gogogo Sport Laser
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The Gogogo lives up to its name — it’s the perfect model for golfers on the go. It’s so light and easy to carry that you’ll barely notice you have it on you. I sincerely forgot I had it on me a couple of times.

Besides its light and portable frame, it’s also a fantastic value that offers all the modes and functions you’d expect. I found the display wasn’t always very easy to read outdoors, it sometimes was a bit unclear, even when I thought it was focused.

If Gogogo would add some better stabilizing technology to this one, it would greatly improve it.


  • Decent range to flag lock (350 yards)
  • Incredibly light
  • Fantastic value


  • Needs clearer display — or you’ll need eagle eyes
  • Not easy to stabilize

MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder

MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder
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When you play a lot of golf, the MiLESEEY is an ideal partner. While most budget rangefinders say they’ll get accuracy to ±1 yard, this one will get it to ±0.55 yards. This even works from its max range of 660 yards — not groundbreaking in itself, but not bad.

It automatically powers off after 8 seconds idling to save power, and the company estimates the battery will last 5,000 scans. I loved the ABS and PP mixed material, soft to the touch, and pleasant to hold.

The First Target Priority software is better than many other models, but not the best or easiest to use of the rangefinders I tried. That was a little disappointing.


  • Attractive and nice soft-touch materials
  • Extremely accurate — serious golfers will appreciate the extra accuracy
  • Very light, but still feels solid


  • No USB charge available — irritating when it’s a pro-level model

WAKYME Rangefinder

WAKYME Rangefinder
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When I used the WAKYME rangefinder, the first thing that came to mind is how I wish I’d had one when I was first starting in golf years ago. It’s so easy to use, has an ultra-clear view, and comes with a very affordable price tag.

I also loved the two-tone color design and compact build. It’s so handy! The accuracy was not always spot on, I found, but certainly good enough for a beginner. When you get serious, even every half a yard counts, big time.


  • Easy to use — great for beginners
  • Display is brilliantly clear
  • Decent range — accurate flag pin-pointing from 200 yards
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Not for serious players — readings not always accurate enough
  • No USB charge option

MOESAPU Laser Golf Distance Rangefinder

MOESAPU Laser Golf Distance Rangefinder
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What I found handiest on this one is the mode-memory function. The device remembers your previous settings, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it. This one also comes with a USB charger, which as a golf cart user, I particularly like.

The other great feature on this one is speed. For the golfer in need of reliable efficiency, the MOESAPU will come through for you. Often with budget rangefinders, you sacrifice calculating speed. This one can do your scan in 0.1-0.3 seconds.

It was a shame about the flat eyepiece, though. It made it harder for me to use with my glasses on.


  • Ultra-fast calculations – 0.1-0.3 seconds
  • Great magnification up to 7x – most only manage 6x
  • Strong, sturdy and good feel of quality
  • Optional USB charging


  • Harder to use as a wearer of glasses

And The Winner Is…

Anyork 6X Golf Rangefinder

Anyork 6X Golf Rangefinder

The WAKYME is great for beginners, but Anyork is the ultimate all-rounder. You get unbeatable quality, superb range, user-friendly controls, and even an excellent design thrown in. It’s easy for beginners to train with, and easier for competition-goers to switch over to tournament-legal mode and get perfect accuracy.

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Your Content Goes HereWhat Should You Think About When Choosing a Golf Rangefinder?

When it comes to golf rangefinders, you’ll always have a lot of choices. It’s important to think about why you want one in the first place. You’ll also need to think about your current level in the sport and how much you’ll use it.

Why should you choose a cheaper rangefinder over an expensive model?

As technology improves, production of the key components in rangefinders like its laser get easier and cheaper to make. In the world of efficient and accurate production, even a cheaper rangefinder will give you high levels of quality.

You can easily spend $500 on a famous-brand rangefinder, but why bother when the budget ones come in with the same features and quality. These days when you spend that much money, you’re just buying a name.

When a cheaper rangefinder is a fraction of the cost, and comes with a 2-year warranty, you see the benefits of choosing a cheaper model. Years ago, it would be understandable only to buy the top brands. Now, however, natural technology dissemination makes cheap rangefinders more than viable.

Does a beginner need a rangefinder at all?

When you’re starting out, you might just want to focus on getting your swing right, but it’s not enough. Golf is a game of multiple disciplines. You have to hone your skills simultaneously to keep a balanced game. Learning to interpret distances to the green, flag, and various hazards, as well as the impact of slopes on your shots, is crucial.

A rangefinder is an excellent tool for beginners to get accurate data to guide their club choice and overall strategy on each hole. Some argue that rangefinders are best left to the more experienced players, but that seems wrong to me.

The more experienced you get, the less you may actually need your rangefinder. A beginner can use it a lot at first until they start to develop their own sense based on experience. It’s like an extra golf coach that sits in your bag, ready to help you whenever you need.

Start by learning the techniques from a pro, and then use the rangefinder when you’re practicing by yourself. It’s a great arrangement, and a cheap rangefinder is perfect when you’re starting out.

Which factors make up the “best” rangefinder for you?

Such a packed marketplace for rangefinders means you do have to take some time to think about your choice. Factors like the following all matter:

Your current level

A beginner needn’t worry about a rangefinder with too many bells and whistles. A simple model that reads distance and slope and can lock onto a flag at a reasonable distance is enough.

Veteran players and those entering competitions have to prioritize accuracy and legality for tournament use. When you’re competitive, every single yard counts, and especially when factoring in slope. There’s no room for error.

The price

Cheap golf rangefinders are ideal for players who are just playing for fun, or only occasionally. There’s no need to splash out on a fancy piece of equipment when you’re just building up skills and enjoying your time outdoors.

The fact is, however, that no one needs to bother with overly expensive models nowadays. Increasing production quality and greater competition in the field has created a real buyer’s market for rangefinders.

Slope-reading function

The more serious you are about mastering golf, the more you need the slope-reading function. When it’s strictly a fun weekend hobby with friends, it’s not overly important. When golf is your life, then reading the slope becomes crucial to stay competitive.

Charging and battery life

If you’re using the rangefinder once a week or even just once or twice a month, then you don’t need extensive battery life. A model with simple replaceable batteries that will last up to 1,000 or so scans will be good enough.

When you’re playing regularly, perhaps daily, then you need something more lasting. Alternatively, you need something with a USB charger that you can plug into your cart and keep juiced up all the way around the course.

Sturdiness and materials

Are you a bit clumsy? Does it rain a lot where you are? If you’re prone to dropping things or have regular precipitation, then sturdy materials and a waterproof label are pretty important for you.