How to Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing

The dream of every golfer, amateur or professional is to achieve the perfect golf swing. The real truth, however, is the perfect golf swing doesn’t exist. Every golfer has his or her unique physical stature and makes use of different methods to control their muscle as well as body movements. This results in a stance […]

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golf course lighting strike

Golfing and Lightning Just Don’t Mix! 

Golfing is a wonderful sport. It entails fresh air, exercise, and good friendly competition. Golf is also great stress relief, as your only concerns are hitting that ball, watching the winds for a perfect launch of the ball, and thinking about the next hole. Most golf courses are beautifully landscaped, so it just makes you […]

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The World Handicap System’s New Rules of Handicapping

The WHS (World Handicap System) will incorporate six separate systems for handicapping into one handicapping ruleset. This allows golfers, with different levels of ability, to compete on an equal basis, irrespective of where or how they play. As a worldwide sport, golf has one set of rules for playing, one set of rules regarding equipment, […]

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