If you have played golf for more than 2 rounds, you know that sometimes you have trouble hitting the driver. It is the hardest club to hit in the bag, and sometimes we need something else to hit to get the

Your friends might joke around thinking it’s lame that you’re blaming your poor drives on the clubs you use, but maybe it’s not just an excuse. Any serious golfer knows that skill is essential, but so is the right club.

Starting your round with a drive down the middle will give you confidence and help eliminate the first tee jitters. A driver is one of the hardest clubs to hit, so consider choosing a more consistent club that is also practically as long as your driver. We’ve compiled this list for you. It includes the best driving irons designed to help improve your golf game.

2020: The Seven Best Driving Irons

TaylorMade GAPR MID Club

TaylorMade GAPR MID Club
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Any club from TaylorMade will undoubtedly have some interesting features. This GAPR MID club includes an expanded sole perfect for problems with turf interaction.

This club also packs innovative SpeedFoam, which is used to fill the empty space behind the clubface; this helps maximize ball speed during impact.

It features a Loft Sleeve like the best driving irons; this will help you adjust loft either up or down a bit from the default loft of 18 degrees. Overall, this club is an excellent driving iron, and if a hit is on the center of the club’s face, it will soar for great distances. Make sure you choose a shaft that matches your driver because you’ll swing this club at about the same speed.

Additionally, the GAPR is a driving iron, utility iron, and combination long iron. It’s an excellent club during windy conditions when it’s necessary to ensure the ball stays low so the ball can bite through the winds you encounter.


  • Iron feel with excellent forgiveness.
  • Consistent trajectories that are straight.
  • Ability to make adjustments to the loft.
  • SpeedFoam for longer drives.


  • Requires practice for optimal results.
  • Costs more than an average driving iron.

Tour Edge Men’s HL3 Golf Iron

Tour Edge Men's HL3 Golf Iron
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This iron has several features to provide help and make your swings more accurate. The TourEdge HL3 features a hollow body design for increased forgiveness on miss-hits as well as a clubhead that is a little larger.

The club is relatively thin as a forged steel insert is used in its design. This design also promotes a trampoline effect, giving the ball’s trajectory more speed.

Lastly, the TourEdge HL3 has a sole with more weight to lower the club’s center of gravity. It helps ensure consistently higher trajectories. The sole’s roundness also improves interaction with turf.


  • More forgiveness with a hollow body design.
  • Increased ball speed with thin forged steel.
  • Higher trajectory with a weighted sole.
  • Better turf interaction with the rounded sole.


  • A stock grip that is sub-par.

Srixon Z U85 Utility Golf Club

Srixon Z U85 Utility Golf Club
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Srixon has utility irons that are excellent for most mid-handicap players, and these irons provide the power you want with trajectories that have a relatively high launch. You’ll also have configuration freedom in order to fill in gaps you might have with your clubs. You can choose stiff flex or regular irons in three configurations: 3 iron: 20 degrees, 4 iron: 23 degrees, and a 5 iron: 26 degrees.

With a deeper head placement as well as a hollow-headed design, this club offers more forgiveness on your swing. Additional features include a larger sole to allow for better turf interaction and fully forged construction for an iron that gives you confidence both in its feel and look.


  • Construction that is fully forged for iron feel.
  • High launch trajectories.
  • Designed to give you more forgiveness.


  • Higher swing speed is needed for optimal results.
  • Performance is slightly weaker than some other options.

Mizuno MP-18 Iron Golf Club

Mizuno MP-18 Iron Golf Club
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While clubs with a hollow body design do have some shared advantages, such as speed and forgiveness, these clubs also offer some additional benefits.

The Mizuno MP-18 has been designed with optimized weighting providing a center of gravity that is lower. The club’s wider sole also offers more forgiveness as well as more weight near the club’s toe section for easier draw on the ball.

These clubs are made with satin and chrome materials giving them a non-glare finish that is absolutely stunning.


  • Better balance with a center of gravity that is a bit lower.
  • Better ball drawing and more forgiveness with the wider sole.


  • The lowest club is on par with a 4-iron.

Callaway Rogue Clubs

Callaway Rogue Clubs
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The Callaway Rogue design features a hollow head, much like similar clubs. However, the Callaway Rogue has a forged construction that utilizes tungsten, with a weight that is about double that of steel. This makes it much easier to ensure weighting optimization.

With a lower center of gravity and weighting at the clubface’s bottom, these clubs offer smoother and longer launches when compared to similar traditional clubs. You can purchase individual irons or buy a complete set.

The new technology of the 360 Face Cup can help reduce sidespin on those miss-hit shots as well as deliver more distance.


  • Higher stability with tungsten manufacturing.
  • Shots are easier and longer with optimized weighting.
  • Less side spin and more distance with the technology of the 360 Face Cup.
  • Prices are highly competitive.


  • A little long.
  • The offset a bit too much.

The LAZRUS Premium Irons

The LAZRUS Premium Irons
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The Lazrus Premium irons on this list are, in some ways, an underdog. Lazrus is a brand name that might not be up there with some of the top dogs; however, these clubs offer very competitive pricing while also delivering very similar quality to more recognized brands.

This is a club that has been designed with minimal features. It’s a quality iron with a cavity back for less chance of missing hits as well as increased forgiveness. Lazrus offers this club in regular flex only, so it accommodates mid-speed swingers only, making it off-putting for some more experienced golfers.

Fortunately, Lazrus understands that this makes a purchase of their club a bit riskier for many golfers. To address this risk, they offer a 100% risk-free purchase guarantee. Give it a try, and if it isn’t for you, simply return it.


  • Great value for your money.
  • Excellent forgiveness.
  • Ideal for amateur level golfers.
  • Prices are highly competitThe guarantee ensures a 100% risk-free purchase.ive.


  • The regular flex option isn’t suited for a high swing golfer.

TaylorMade P790 UDI Utility Golf Club

TaylorMade P790 UDI Utility Golf Club
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TaylorMade has a reputation for distinctive design features in its clubs, and the TaylorMade P790 driving iron certainly is no exception. This club features a hollow fully forged design, allowing for higher ball speed and more forgiveness than is found in non-hollow models.

Additionally, the P790 features the signature TaylorMade SpeedFoam which helps maximize the ball’s speed on impact. Furthermore, this club features a small tungsten bar for optimal weighting that boosts forgiveness as well as the ball’s travel distance.


  • Improved forgiveness with hollow design.
  • SpeedFoam for increased golf ball speed.
  • Increased travel distance with tungsten weighting.


  • Harder to hit with a smaller clubface.

And The Winner Is…

Taylormade GAPR MID Golf Club

TaylorMade GAPR MID Club

All brands of golf clubs are constantly making improvements to their designs, as well as adding features to help enhance performance. However, we think that TaylorMade has been doing a fantastic job. Their GAPR Mid club is an especially impressive model, and it’s our choice for the best of 2020 driving iron.

With its Loft Sleeve, you can easily adjust loft, it’s expanded sole lets you forget about problems with turf interaction, and the SpeedFoam boost will let you enjoy longer drives. This club features a nice iron feel while delivering trajectories that are consistently straight.

There’s certainly no doubt that this club will become an indispensable club in your golfing arsenal. When you are consistently hitting this club, you’ll gain confidence because you’ll be able to rely on this incredible driving iron if you have a day where your driver just isn’t getting the results you want.

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How can you pick the driving iron that’s best for you?

A driving iron is a compromise between fairway woods, long irons, and hybrids. They generally offer a mix of the advantages each has to offer while minimizing the cons. Let’s talk about what makes a good driving iron before we get into a list of our choice of best driving irons.

Driving Irons: Advantages and Disadvantages

Recently, driving irons have gained a great deal of popularity because they can help a golfer keep their ball on the fairway without a significant sacrifice in distance. These irons feel like a longer iron; however, you should also be able to get a little more distance from this club.

Driving irons offer a sweet spot that is larger than fairway woods.

A driving or utility iron will generally have a sweet spot that is larger than fairway woods. Clearly, this can be an advantage because it’s easier to hit while also being more forgiving.

Lower Ball Flight

A driving iron has lower ball flights, which means that windy conditions will have a reduced effect on the ball trajectory. A lower ball flight can also be beneficial in areas with numerous trees because you’ll be less likely to have your ball hit branches.

Iron Feel

This might seem inconsequential, but the look and feel of a driving iron is definitely a confidence booster. Certainly, a factor that can help you improve your drive.

Disadvantage: The Skill Level

Driving irons feature a clubface that is smaller when compared to Hybrids. This can make it more challenging to utilize the iron.

Additionally, the fact that driving irons require a faster swing, similar to what is needed for a 4 iron or 5 iron, can be a struggle for beginners.

What driving iron brands are most popular?

Many reputable club brands have delved into making driving irons. The following list includes some of the most popular brands currently making driving irons:

  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist
  • Srixon
  • Callaway
  • Cleveland
  • Cobra King
  • Mizuno

Is a driving iron right for you?

There are certainly many elite players who use utility irons rather than fairway woods or hybrids, but that doesn’t mean you should follow blindly. Many golfing professionals think golfers with swinging speeds under 100 mph are better off using a hybrid or fairway wood.

However, golfers with a slow swing speed can still do very well using driving irons.

Some people might prefer a driving iron because it offers a different ball flight than fairway woods or hybrids; they tend to keep the ball flight lower. This can also make them better for situations where wind is a factor.

Using a Driving Iron

It takes a great deal of practice to master a driving iron, but these tips can help you adjust faster.


When taking a shot, try to put emphasis on the club’s face. Note, with this club, it’s usually better to stand with the ball located closer to the golfer’s front foot. This is especially true for amateurs.


Before taking a shot, ensure that you’re using a proper stance. Your feet must remain correctly on the ground. The longer shaft will require more stability and balance than a wedge would require.

Hitting the Ball

Take a swing that is aggressive and in control allowing power to come primarily from the iron. This is possible if you rotate through until your chest is pointing towards your target. When you swing like this, it allows the iron to give maximum power without forcing the swing. This is a club that will be used instead of a Ping g410, M5, M6, etc., so you’ll need to hit long and straight. Putting some force behind it is necessary.